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What is Gypsy House Party All About?

The Idea: Gypsy House Party is the creation of Jerry Warwick along with the help of his good friends, Tina Davis and Steven Watkins. During many dance weekends they have had the opportunity to share the late night DJing spots and have always enjoyed being able to ‘loosen’ the rules of what is ‘correct’ music for a “Blues” dance event. They and the dancers always seem to enjoy it immensely.

So, the concept was born, a weekend where the rules are intentionally bent to provide the dancers with great dance music, be it blues, soul, R&B, funk, swing, whatever. If it makes the dancers move, then it will probably be played.

In the blues/lindyhop world these get togethers are usually called “House Parties”. Invite all your friends, move back all the furniture, and have a heck of a good time. But, we wanted to do it in a larger format. In a venue with a 3000 sqft ballroom, 1500 sqft living room and a 1000 sq ft bar. Not your typical house party.

We originally imagined that this would be so successful that other around the country would want to do the same thing. So, we named it to be a nomadic event, thus Gypsy House Party was born.

The DJ’s: The original crew (Jerry, Tina and Steven) have added DJs to round out the mix:

  • Steven Watkins, Dr Feelgood, need I say more?
  • Tina Davis, Sweet T, Tina Diva. Yummy!
  • Corey Wright, the head DJ for many a blues event.
  • ”Downtown” Julie Brown, from Boston
  • Jerry Warwick

This year, we have invited ‘guest’ DJ’s to sit in each night for the late night “Round Table” sets from 12am-4am. The guest DJ scheduled so far are:
Susan Olson - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Sarah Elise - Boston
Rachel Jordan - Winston - Salem

The Musicians: Kelly Nygren will once again return to play the “DJ Break” on Saturday evening at midnight. And this year, she’s bringing “friends”.

We have also added Amy Kucharik from Boston to the entertainment list for Sunday night

The Music: Each night the DJs will have normal sets until midnight. After the “DJ Break” the DJ’s will all gather together to play as a collective group, “Trading 1’s”, bouncing music off of each other and bending the rules. We have listened to the feedback and we will no longer have specific genres on each night. Every night will be filled with great dance music.

The Venue: We needed a venue with a setup that would allow for multiple rooms like a ‘house’? A big dance floor, a big living room, and best of all, a big bar. Sons of Hermann in Dallas is just such a place. So, it will become your home away from home. (Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how to sleep there....yet)

The Parties: To keep with the house party idea, each night will have a ‘party’ theme and we encourage you to dress up if you desire. Remember when putting together your costumes, you still might want to dance, so plan accordingly. Here are the list of themes:

  • Friday Night - ““Twisted Fairy Tale” - Imagination is important here.
  • Saturday Night - ”Nomadic / Steampunk” - Turn of the 20th century wear whether eastern European or Jules Verne inspired
  • Sunday Night - ”Secret Agent Holiday” - Bond, Flint, Helm, Powers and all their villains on holiday

The Living Room: Weekend pass holders will also have access to “The Living Room” where you can relax and cool off. There will even be movies playing on the big screen for your enjoyment. 

Daytime Outings: We have added some organized daytime outing this year. Including a tour of the Lakewood Brewery on Saturday, 12-3. Lakewood Brewery has changed their setup and now have an actual taproom. But it’s still great beer and a good time. Follow this link for more info:

Saturday is also Global Thrill The World day where dancers from around the world perform the Thriller choreography at the same time. Locally, that means 5pm in the ballroom upstairs. So, learn the choreography and be a part of that.

There is a local group, made up of a lot of dancers, that organizes a Trebuchet event on Sunday. More info? follow this link to their FB event:

Sunday is “Spa Day”. King Spa, a large Korean spa with both a hot sauna area and a wet spa area is our destination of choice. Tickets are often available on Groupon for $23. Regular price is $45. More info is available here,,  and also follow the discussion on the FB event page for GHP.

Special Class:
Damon Stone will once again teach a “How to Dance to Soul and R&B” class on Saturday evening at 8pm.

The Games: There are lots of things to see and do around Dallas, but if you just want to hang out around the ‘house’ there will be lots of stuff going on at GHP. We had lots of fun with the games last year and board games will once again be a big part of the social aspect of GHP. Go to the Games page for all the information.

The Bar: Happy hours during the afternoons (Fri 5-8, Sat 4-8, Sun 4-8) to socialize with your friends while the DJ’s spin their magic for your listening pleasure.

The Weekend Pass: Purchasing a weekend pass will get you several things in addition to a weekend of dancing.

  • Three nights of Dancing from 8pm - 4am.
  • Three drink coupons to be used during the Happy Hours (4pm-8pm) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, including the football games starting at ~4pm
  • Games tournaments. Compete for prizes.
  • Access to the “Living Room” where dancers can relax, watch a movie, play some games, watch the game on the big screen and even have changing rooms for clothing / costume changes.

Day Passes: Individual day passes will be available for GHP for those who can’t attend the whole weekend. Each day pass will get you into all of the festivities for that day.

Housing: Request to be housed are provided on the availability of hosts, which we do not usually have any problem getting.  If you prefer a hotel, I have always found the best hotel rates thru or You will want to stay near downtown since the venue is there. Also, if you are a local dancer and would like to open up your home to some cool out of town gypsies, let us know by indicating you would like to house people on the registration page.

Registration: Online registration Opens on June 22nd until Oct 22nd! Online is now closed!
At the door pricing is $70 for the weekend, $25 per night, $15 After Hours (midnight).

Passes are NON-REFUNDABLE but can be transferred. NOTE: Passes that were purchased during the Black Friday Sale in November are Non-Refundable AND Non-Tranferable. Sorry, but you knew that when you bought them.