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Let The Games Begin!

The games return this year to GHP, but we have added a few other outings and things of interest for your daytime enjoyment. So, they are mostly in the evenings.

Why Games? Well, we tried to think of things you might do if you were actually hanging out at someone’s house for the weekend. You might be playing various games along with eating, drinking and watching movies/TV came to mind. And since there will be lots of people hanging out at this ‘house’, we wanted to have some friendly competitions to determine who’s the best.  You must be a weekend pass holder to compete in the game tournaments.

bar gamesBar Games - Early Sunday Evening. This was a big hit last year and will return. A set of simple games designed to test your dexterity. Modeled after the TV show “Minute to Win It”, the games are head to head instead of having to perform the task in 60 seconds. If you would like an idea of the type of games that will be played, visit “Minute to Win It” website. Most of the games will come directly from there. This competition will have all competitors competing at once, with the slowest competitor being eliminated, until only one is left. Limited to 16 competitors.

Board Games - All weekend long. The board games were a success last year and will have more emphasis this year.