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Why Call It ‘Gypsy’?

The whole concept of Gypsy House Party was to create an event that was nomadic. Even though the main one may be in Dallas, some organizer in another city might love the idea and want to do the same thing in their hometown.

Another aspect of the name was that in our community of dancers there are lots of people who work all week and then fly or drive to dance events around the country. Sleeping on floors and couches of both friends and strangers.

We also dedicated one night of the event to the clothing styles of the ‘gypsies’. Which we thought were rather beautiful.

That nomadic aspect of the event and the attendees seemed to match the dictionary definition of ‘gypsy’. However, it has been pointed out to us that the Roma / Romani people find this word to be an ethnic slur. This reference was never intended and if you find offense in the name of this event, we apologize.

However, due to these concerns, this will be the Last Gypsy House Party. The staff will decide after this event if we will come back with a similar event next year.